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From: Nick Bokhonok

Dear Internet Marketer,

I am a really happy person, because I have just sold out 1,000 Auto Content Publisher copies. This proves that Auto Content Publisher is a very smart invention and effective tool that gained such a demand on the market over very short peiod of time. But, as promised, my team continues taking care of Auto Content Publisher and will be releasing its updates and upgrades. Plus don't forget that you can send us your ideas and suggestions how to make Auto Content Publisher more convenient and effective, and my team will do the best to turn that suggestions into real life.

But, of course, I am not leaving Internet marketing and my team releases brand new Internet marketing tool that helps everyone to succeed with any web site and get free targeted search engine traffic. You can read more details about this brand new tool on its official web site:

Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Script - Auto Link Exchanger Will Find You 1,000's Of Relevant And Quality Link Exchange Partners And Will Exchange Links Automatically.

Those who missed the chance to buy Auto Content Publisher during the official sales still have a chance to get it. And get it for FREE! Only 100 first purchasers of Auto Link Exchanger will receive a copy of Auto Content Publisher as a free bonus from me personally.

After this 'limited number' offer expires and 100 people buy Auto Link Exchanger, there will be no other way to get Auto Content Publisher on this site or elsewhere in the world.

I have left official salescopy below so that you could read and see why Auto Content Publisher is proudly called by its users 'the best tool in the niche'.

Official Auto Content Publisher Salescopy

Perhaps, you are one of those who tried to profit with Google AdSense or Pay-Per-Click programs. To earn nice money in these programs you need quality content on your web site, so, like thousands of other Internet entrepreneurs, you probably used some article grabbing tools that in a barbaric way stuffed your web site with 'relevant' articles that often duplicated each other and looked like a real wreck on your site. Surely this was a painful experience.

I personally tried all available programs and scripts that create content rich pages using "Article Grabbing" method, and I saw that the effect from using most of them was not great. Some of these programs and scripts worked, but they gave only a tiny increase in Google AdSense or Pay-Per-Click profits. Plus I had to invest much time and efforts to get content rich pages indexed by search engines.

What a paradox! THERE ARE web sites that have lots of articles and enjoy amazing traffic, converting it into solid profits from Google AdSense and Pay-Per-Click programs. Why are other web sites left behind?

I analyzed every detail of the successful article web sites. Especially I focused on the technologies they used to make search engines index and show their new articles faster, technologies that protected these web sites from being banned by search engines for using the same article content on various web sites, and technologies that gave additional traffic to these content rich, article pages.

After examining top article sites and their technologies that drive new visitors and search engine bots to their newly made articles, I was ready to answer what exactly is needed to get quality content for your web sites, enjoy targeted traffic and increase online profits.

This experience and my own Internet marketing ideas gave birth to the new script - Auto Content Publisher. This is the best script for creating content rich pages on the basis on article grabbing method.


I want everyone to know how phenomenal the Auto Content Publisher is and the support staff behind the software is absolutely topnotch!

The really awesome concept is that there are only 1,000 people out there who will have the unbelievable opportunity to utilize this state of the art technology. I know that this product will definitely move my business beyond my wildest expectations!

I know what I need to accomplish my goals but Nick was willing and able to assist me!

Cheryl Mustian


So, What Makes Other Competitors
Worry About My Script...

My answer is features and possibilities. The more useful and professional features you can use, the bigger chances you have to get more traffic and profits. This is a safe way to get quality content and supermonetize it.

Don't waste your time on scripts and programs that promise you to create huge bulks of pages from the articles in a few minutes; these technologies are no longer effective. After you create such pages, search engines will delete your site from their listings, because they track and crack these old fashioned tricks in a split of a second. Plus, once these pages are created, you will have to work hard, using different Internet marketing methods and strategies to 'force' search engines visit your pages with new articles. Getting banned after so much work will be a real distress!

Auto Content Publisher is a unique alternative to pain and problems. It will automatically create content rich pages/articles for any keyword that is relevant to your web site topic. It will properly place the necessary links on created pages. It will 'tell' search engines that a new page/article has appeared on your web site and where search engines can find this new article to index it faster and include it into their listings. Auto Content Publisher will do this and much more in such a way that search engines will never delete your web site from their listings for search engine SPAMMING.

When creating Auto Content Publisher, we implemented the best Internet marketing technologies used by top article web sites in search engines. I am sure that Auto Content Publisher uses (and allows YOU to use) the biggest variety of useful features, and most of the similar scripts and programs do not have even the tiny part of them. This makes Auto Content Publisher a heavy weight fighter among other competitors. With all its features our tool can dig out the whole niche, and that is why only 1,000 copies of this tool will be sold. You can be among the lucky ones who will get it before the offer expires.

Only 1,000 Copies Of Auto Content Publisher Available,
Because More Copies Can Kill The Whole Niche

Would You Like Your Competitor
To Have These Features?

The features of Auto Content Publisher allow you to:

Recently Added Features

  • Generation of Sitemap Files.
    With the help of new integrated module for creation of sitemap files Auto Content Publisher will quickly generate for your web sites sitemap files for submitting to Google and Yahoo. Also Auto Content Publisher will create sitemap file in HTML format.
  • Adding of RSS News.
    Using this function Auto Content Publisher will be updating content on your sites on a daily basis with popular RSS news. The added RSS news will be laser targeted and relevant to the content of your web site which will give you extra bonus with search engines and helps to increase free search engine traffic.
  • Inserting RSS News Into Article Text.
    This function allows you to insert the block of RSS news right into the article text of article pages. This will add extra uniqueness to the content of your article page and helps to avoid problems with duplicate content.
  • Improved Search Algorithm.
    On any of your queries Auto Content Publisher can find hundreds of relevant articles that will be used to update the content pages of article directories on your web sites.
  • Improved Possibilities of Auto Content Publisher.
    The new version of Auto Content Publisher has integrated many new and very useful functions: adding of your own articles, moving articles from one category to another, setting the displaying of Recently Added Articles, etc. They will give you more freedom in growing content, traffic and profits with article directory on your web sites.
  • Create Professional Article Directory Directly On Your Web Site.
    This directory will be gradually growing with new articles on any topic indicated by you, day by day, imitating article feeding made by real people, so that search engines do not penalize your site for 'supersonic' content growth.
  • Create The Directory Of Article Authors.
    This directory will include all authors who wrote the articles grabbed into your article directory. People can track articles by their author, if they like someone's content.
  • Create Hundreds And Thousands Of Content Rich Pages.
    You can find articles for any relevant keyword you choose. And you can use the tool for as many web sites as you wish. Those who get the tool receive unlimited potential for getting content on relevant keywords and monetizing this content.
  • Make Your Pages SEO Optimized.
    Auto Content Publisher
    will add relevant top keywords to the article pages, matching the topic of the category where this article is located. The top keywords will be giving you more targeted traffic from search engines, because more people are looking for these keywords at the moment, and your articles will have these top searched keywords thanks to our tool.
  • Advanced Keyword Density Checking.
    You can choose articles with better keyword density for the keyword you need. This will automatically give you extra SEO power and drive more targeted visitors who are looking for this keyword in the search engines.
  • Create Your Pages In Any Extension You Need.
    You can create your articles pages in .html, .shtml, .php or .htm extensions. Choose what fits you most, and the tool will do the rest.
  • Create RSS Feeds Directory.
    Auto Content Publisher will build and automatically update RSS feeds directory for any category inside your article directory, for any article separately and for the whole article directory index. When new article page is created on your site, new feed is automatically added to RSS file and search engines will be notified about your new page instantly.
  • Create Submit Article Page.
    Your business partners or owners of other web sites in your niche can personally submit articles to your web site. This breaks the limits of a smart article grabber, turning it into real article directory tool. You can check the articles submitted by other people and make a decision to approve or decline them. Once approved, this article is added in the required category of your article directory created by Auto Content Publisher.
  • Add Snippets To Articles.
    Script will add snippets for every article on index page instantly. You can choose the number of sentences that snippets can include. This means that even the article index page will be content rich. And this page will be constantly updated with every new article which is very good for search engines. Plus it will help you to get page rank for the new article pages faster.
  • Add Cross-Links Within Your Article Pages.
    You can add special macroses to template pages and turn your web site into huge article resource. These macroses will help you to add links to other related articles, links to authors who are writing for the same topic and links to other categories of your articles directory. So, even when your article directory is not very big on the first days of its existence, cross-linking will make it look much bigger, giving site visitors real content for the keywords they search.
  • Compatibility With Any Web Site Design.
    You can use any web site design with Auto Content Publisher. Using special template, this design will be automatically used for creating every new page inside your article directory. And necessary macroses added to your template pages will change these macroses with quality info.
  • Create Your Own Macroses.
    With Auto Content Publisher you can create your own macroses (as many macroses as you need) in templates of your article pages. For example, you can create one macros that will be automatically substituted with a Google AdSense advertising on your page, another macros will be for PPC links, macros for Chitika, macros for banners, macros for subscription form to your mailing list/newsletter/eZine, macros for your web site navigation, etc. Your creative work with macroses will give you more targeted leads, more profits, more loyal visitors, and more credibility.
  • Create Dynamic Links To Articles From The Main Page Of Your Web Site.
    This feature will give you possibility to add the block with "Recently Added Articles" links to your web site index page. Every time when search engines come to your web site index page, they will see changes in this block of links. Every time when new article is added to your web site, link to this article will be added to "Recently Added Articles" block. This is done to encourage search engines to see your new article page and index new article page faster.
  • Edit Your Article Directory.
    You get uncontrolled freedom in editing your article directory, adding/deleting new categories/subcategories or changing the templates of pages, finding new articles for any topic, etc.
  • Search Article Directory. You can submit any keyword and Auto Content Publisher will automatically run the search in the title, body and author's info for each article inside your article directory.
  • Increase Your Targeted Web Site Traffic.
    And - DO NOT FORGET THE BEST BENEFIT - using the features of Auto Content Publisher on your web site/web sites, you will increase your targeted web site traffic in a fast, easy and most automated way.

Look at the examples of pages that were easily created with Auto Content Publisher:

Article Directory Page

Authors Directory Page

Article Index Page

Authors Index Page

Article Page

Submit Article Page

RSS Directory Page

Recently Added Articles Block
on the Main Page of Web Site

So How Can You Use It...

Auto Content Publisher installation and setup procedures are easy. All you need is set necessary parameters once. The rest is done by Auto Content Publisher automatically. From time to time you will login to your admin interface to view the relevant articles that the script has found for your site and the articles submitted by your site visitors. You can choose the articles you like and leave them on your site. And if you decide to change the design of your web site, don't worry: article directory will be automatically tailored to any new design. You just change the path to new design templates, or you can edit any existing template, and the tool makes design changes on all pages of your directory.

You can use Auto Content Publisher to create directories on as many sites as you wish. Want to create hundreds of web sites with all sites on different topics? No problems: Auto Content Publisher will find you relevant content for any topic you choose. And you can choose from the grabbed articles only those that fit your web site topic best of all. Site visitors will come back to your site again and again to read new quality content pages and click your AdSense, Chitika blocks, PPC ads, advertising banners, sign up into your mailing lists - in other words, make you site live and bring profit.

Check all programs and scripts that create content pages using articles and article grabbing, and you will see that Auto Content Publisher is a truly professional instrument for getting targeted traffic and money. It turns the experience of the most successful content web sites into simple automatic actions, that grow your traffic and profits.

So, Finally, The Major Benefits
Which Auto Content Publisher Gives You...

  • Automatically create content rich pages relevant to your web site topic, without being banned from search engine listings.
  • Attract the attention of search engine bots to your web site and all its content pages.
  • Increase targeted traffic to your web site.
  • Grow the profits of your online business or Google AdSense and Pay-Per-Click programs.

TOGETHER with Auto Content Publisher you will get User Guide that will show you how to use Auto Content Publisher and some of its bonuses to increase targeted web site traffic and earn more with your web sites.


When choosing the price for Auto Content Publisher I had several options to think over. I was doubting between selling the monthly service fee ($30-$50 per month) or reselling rights ($500-$600 for each package). I was not afraid that someone could outsell me - I am the inventor of tool which puts me on the top.

But when I tried to calculate how many competitors for AdSense and PPC programs I will get if only one of famous Internet marketers will promote this tool to their databases, I started to worry. That meant - forget about the niche you are working in. That is why: NO reselling rights, NO unlimited monthly subscriptions - I must be reasonable.

This is how I came to the decision to sell only a limited number of copies. You can use Auto Content Publisher for your web sites, but cannot resell or give away as a bonus. And you cannot install it on the web sites of your friends, your relatives or the kind from the next door. But with your own web sites you get full freedom in using the tool. I think this is fair.

Only 1,000 Copies of Auto Content Publisher
Are Available at the Price of
$197 Each

This is not an advertising trick: my clients already know about these features to be added shortly. And they agree that the new powerful features will make Auto Content Publisher a real bestseller that deserves a much higher pricing.

And remember that this offer will never be reopened again. Time is ticking. One good promotion made by some of our affiliates, and 1,000 copies are gone.

Click BUY NOW button below to make sure that you get your own copy of Auto Content Publisher before this offer expires forever., Inc. is an authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Cyber Financial Corporation

[NO] Includes Salespage
[NO] Can be given away.
[NO] Can be packaged.
[NO] Can be offered as a bonus.
[NO] Can Be Edited Completely and Your Name Put on it
[NO] Can sell Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

Too much 'NOs', but I am working in this niche too. My future competitors, I hope soon you will understand my concern about it.


Auto Content Publisher hosting requirements:



Script Type:

PHP Server Side Scripting

Operating System:

UNIX, Linux, FreeBSD or likewise

Web Server:


PHP Version:

PHP 4 or more

PHP Configuration:

Safe_Mode = OFF
Allow_Url_Fopen = ON
cURL PHP library is required


MySQL 3 and 4


P.S. If you have any questions, please send me email to

With Best Wishes to You and Your Online Business,

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